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In 1492
Columbus sailed the ocean, too
He had three ships and left from reign
He sailed through sunship, wind, and rain (...)

Wow. That's all I gotta say, just wow. This has got to be, by far, my favorite holiday. And why not? It celebrates everyone's favorite explorer: Christopher Columbus! I just can't believe some people discredit him for the like of that old nut job, Zheng He. Some people are just ignorant.

On this wholesome family holiday, I would like to bestow a questionnaire regarding it, and the values it teaches us in day-to-day life.

Here are a few key-terms to keep us focused:

Santa Maria
Christopher Columbus
Great Britain
Vitamin C

1. Do you believe knowledge of past explorers should be a requirement for the right to vote?

2. From a political stance, would it be considered unnecessary for Columbus Day to be a national holiday? If not, why? If so, please explain.

It would be helpful if you would "echo" the question. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday. :)
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All right. This has been making me very cross lately, and it's something I have wondered all my twenty-one years of life: Why are there no lower-case numbers? Letters get all the pizzazz. They get to be big, small, bold, italicized, underlined, so many things. They remind me of Barbie, who can be whatever she god damn wants. And you know what? I say boo to people who shit on Barbie, saying she's a bad role model. Oh my fucking god. She teaches kids that they can be whatever they want, to pursue their dreams. That you're not stupid because you're pretty, you're smart and can have a wicked cool occupation instead of being a polecat. You know what I'm saying here? Numbers should be more like Barbie. People would like them more if they were that way. It's a real shame. Those numbers must be sad and envious of letters. Especially the fact that there are only ten of them, and twenty-six letters. It's as if they got so annoyed with numbers that they were just like,"Fuck it! Just fuck it! I'm sick of making these stupid things. Let's stop right here! Ten of these shits is enough!" You know? 


United States
Hi i'm Markus and I love baseball, the American dream, popsicles, the good lord Christ, and of course....... Donkey Ollie! I will bestow da with many fanarts and fics about evryone;s favorite donkey: ollie!

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